What is spirituality

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

We are mostly unconscious beings. Every pattern we run, or personal issue we have is stored within our energetic field. This is what actually creates our daily reality on an unconscious level.

Then, we wake up. We start to question things. We see a few distortions, we work through them. We hear someone say - 'You can master your reality' and we believe it is like magic. But still, we are running all those unknown patterns, energy frequencies which are our blind spots.

Our Source connection is brilliant. It wants us to become aware of those distortions, so we can create a different life out of freedom and more in alignment with who we truly are. So we get triggered, we feel emotions, we get sick. What we do is not embracing them as our biggest teachers, but we want to get rid of them, because they are not what we want to create, we want something better, something different. Yet we do not see that it is through those experiences and pointers that the true way of change and creating a different life can be revealed. Yet we do not see that our Source starts to scream louder, to wake us up even more. What we do is reject, feeling victimized, helpless, hopeless.

Nature is trying to get us back on track, nature screams: 'Everything is possible.

Your natural state knows so much better.' Yet we unconscious stay stick to the mind and run the same story all over and over again. Looking for answers, for solutions, trying to understand, to change things with our mind, while our family patterns are beaming a different truth.

Spirituality is nothing more than returning to your un-conditioned free state or free nature. It is very simple actually.

Using the stepping stones our reality shows us every day will set us free.


Evi Maes - The Power of Feeling Deeply

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