None of your emotions are true

Nothing of what you feel is actually true.

How do you mean? Nothing is true? You are creating a course to work with your emotions, right?

Before you shoot me here, let me explain a little bit.

Emotions are a reaction based on what we experience.

How we react is based on our wiring system, or deep rooted family patterns and issues.

It is a reflection of what is alive, inside of you.

This means that when for example in a relationship you feel jealous when your partner is talking to someone else,

The emotion you feel is jealousy. But the message is a deeper layer, maybe showing you insecurity linked to a childhood experience where you felt abandoned.

When you relate to the emotion and you believe it is true, you will loose the game in the end, as this topic will consistently grow until you fight all day and all trust is gone.

When you realize there is a message to discover, instead of pointing to the other, you are taking responsibility to feel deeply inside, discovering the gold beyond the pain.

That is why it is so important to use our emotions as a guideline and messenger to discover what is alive in our system.

Which pattern are they bringing up?

Which story or trauma do they reflect?

They are useful tools, to learn more about what we have stored in our physical body, preventing us from leading a free life.

Use them wisely. But don’t take them too seriously.


Evi Maes - The Power of Feeling Deeply

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