Inspiring by being me

Over the past weeks, I looked around to see how I could lift my business. How to attract more paying customers besides writing and sharing, and listening to many people’s stories. It is interesting to see how easy we get hooked up in the million dollar industry by good promises.

As shared before; out of curiosity and a new awakened entrepreneurship inside myself, I followed a few of the world’s most influential people.

I was even seduced to change my texts on my website a little bit.

How can I amp it up? How can I be part of this movement without missing out?

After seeing a third video from one of the world’s richest people yelling about how not to miss the billion dollar expanding life coaching industry, I felt something moving inside myself.

Truth is, that when you are living more and more out of your authenticity and source connection, you are pulled back in a second, because it doesn’t resonate with who you truly are.

Yes, I could do whatever the famous few are recommending. Yes, probably I would attract much more followers and even clients to sell my online programs.

But I would loose my authenticity and integrity in changing my writings into a selling modality.

I can’t. I just can’t.

When I visit Jeff Foster’s website for example. It is simple, not exciting at all, and yet, his authentic writings influence and support millions of people out there. Is he part of the billion dollar industry? (Who knows ;-) ) Probably not, but I do know he is part of the new influencers of this time, making an impact in his own way. He is part of the authentic change industry.

That is coming home for me. That is what excites me, what moves me.

How to be inspiring, just by being me?


Evi Maes - The Power of Feeling Deeply

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