How much do we create our own life

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

For months I have been working together with a ruthless dredger of personal shit. She helps me to find my own diamond, being committed to understand my own process. It has been a ride, not easy is the least you can say about it, but the clarity and reward that becomes more and more accessible is priceless. This is not for dabbers, but for those really committed to change.

I could tell you about my process, about the highs and lows and purifications, but there is no use in feeding you new identifications of how it might look like for you. We all have a different story in our past and journey ahead, due to the fact that we are all completely different in our uniqueness, having different things to learn on our way to ‘enlightenment’ or ‘reality’.

In sharing my ‘downs’ you might find recognition, a supporting hand or comfort. But in sharing tools that work for me you might find access points, and in writing about the diamonds you are treated with a new frequency of the world you experience beyond the veil, which makes the ‘work’ worthwhile.

‘You are the Creator’, is what we hear from many teachers. But what does that mean? Something in our mind understands that we can create our own reality. So we start to change the way how we think in the knowing that each moment has an effect on the next one. But how far does it actually go?

How is everything connected, really?

While purifying a pattern, I came to the realization that an old family conviction from generations ago, influenced my behavior. I literally saw moments in my life during childhood and in my teenage years, which passed unconsciously, connected to this pattern. And I even noticed how this happening was reflected in my previous relationship repeating exactly the same situation.

How is that possible?

In that moment I was astonished with the brilliance and simplicity of how everything works. It became clear that even the smallest banal matters in our environment are drawn to us like a magnet, reflecting everything we vibrate from the inside out.

We are nothing but a density of energy, a form put together by different influences, and our reality is a reflection of those components.

When we are not aware of the fact we create our entire life from that space, it means we are literally ‘slaves’ of the imprints we carry.

Most of us simply live life in the not knowing.

But if we wake up purifying everything that doesn’t behold our true Source, and understand the perfection of the law of life, we take control over our own life again.

This understanding opens up so many possibilities, for change, for healing, for the future of this planet.

Let’s celebrate and uplift this magnificent existence, together.


Evi Maes - The Power of Feeling Deeply

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