Fear of Death

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Fear of death is a precious gift, helping you to feel more compassion for others. I have been there, a while ago, not knowing my old friend would return again in the past week.

He didn’t seem so friendly, disguised and even unrecognizable. So I fell into old patterns of fear and despair.

Fear of death had one invitation only: are you ok with what is right here right now, even when it is your last moment? Are you ok with the fear? And can you recognize and embrace love underneath it all?

There is great knowledge in knowing that there is more than this life, yet true wisdom lies in the choice of love in every moment, even when we go through utterly fearful circumstances. Accepting what is, no matter what.

Can you let go and stay present, even when your body is going through immense purging or dis-ease? Can you stay present and love yourself when you have the feeling of loosing your mind?

My respect and compassion for those who are suffering is tremendously increasing.

Writing this for all of you who are going through something very strong, encourages me to share vulnerable even more.

My heart is with you. I feel you. You are not alone. My tears are yours.

Hold on!

Each moment brings you closer to what you really are: Pure love


Evi Maes - The Power of Feeling Deeply

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