Daily assumptions

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

The tram door opened.

A few men stepped aside, letting a few ladies in front of me hop on.

When I stepped inside myself, I saw a man in a wheelchair with his guide trying to get out.

When the tram supervisor furiously shouted from behind her table how rude it was that nobody made space for them, I fully understood her perspective. It must have looked like nobody was willing to be helpful.

However, what she could not see was that, since the man in the wheelchair was waiting behind the door, it was impossible for us outsiders to see that he wanted to get off.

In addition, this was not a normal exit door, but a boarding place. According to the conditioning of the "system”, nobody would normally leave through this door.

I noticed the tension in the body of the well-intended lady. During the rest of my tram journey, she carried the incident with her, while looking around angrily and muttering to herself.

I could have stood up and tell her that we, well-intended people, would have naturally waited if we had noticed the disabled. That the world is not so bad, and that she could trust a little more on the goodwill of humanity. But I didn't do it witnessing this proces that served her better than any interference in this moment.

Silently, I observed and it became clear to me that this is part of our daily lives.

How often do we respond from our own perspective, without knowing what is on the other side?

Every day, we assume that we know what others feel, think and mean.

Glasses that have been shaped by our own experiences.

The truth is, we never perceive objectively.

Emotions arise.

Our body reacts to our emotions with cramps, tension, constriction, ... until we breathe again, let go of the incident and wait for a new wave, which hits us faster than we can imagine.

The truth is, that we are a slave to a system that we assume to be the truth.

As humanity, we live a life based on patterns that guide us through the day, without even considering the fact that something else is possible.

Notice what you notice.

When an emotion arises, distinguish between what you really see and what you think you see.

The simple question, "Is this really true" can bring peace to your system.

And while you are smiling and realize that much of your perception has been taught behavior, your longing and search for your true nature can really begin.


Evi Maes - The Power of Feeling Deeply

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