The benefit of personal contact

My presence is amplifying. This means when you spend time with me, your body naturally re-connects with its true state. What happens then is, that what is not serving you, is brought up to the surface. You will feel at ease very quickly. In a personal session we can go deep, very fast.

What do you mean going deep?

To bring out the best of you we have to unwind those sticky patterns. As you re-connect with who you are more and more, the things that don’t serve you burn away or simply disappear in a very natural way.  

I go to the core of your ‘problem’, and help you to re-program your mindset by showing you that there was not a problem at all to begin with. 

There are only limitations which can be transformed into another reality. 

This means you can change your life from the inside out.

So what can I expect?

First of all, leave all your ideas and expectations at the door when you enter. And know you have come to a good place.

You are exactly where you need to be right here, right now. Everything in your life has a purpose.

I sense what is being played out in your current life. This can be a pattern, a trauma, a fear, a lack belief, guilt, shame, etc.

I give you tools to change what keeps you from walking your path more freely. The change occurs on all levels of your system: physical, emotional and energetic.

Besides that, I give you very practical information how to integrate this in your daily life so you can experiment with it and see the change unfold with the days and weeks passing by. 

How many sessions?

It depends.

When you have one big theme, one session can be enough. I have seen many magical transformations where one session lead to an amazing new job, a long wished relationship, acceptance of the body, and much more.

For most people I see two or three dynamics in their life which are connected and ask for a little twist. 

Change needs time.

Normally I advise three to four weeks in between the sessions, except for the ruthless divers who really want to commit and know their lives can be upside down for a while. In that case, I advise two weeks in between.

If you want to go full in and change on all levels (relationship, business, finances, etc), please register for a trajectory, which will take up six months to a year.

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