What is necessary for personal transformation

When you really want to change your life on all levels, it takes several things:

  • Time

  • Dedication

  • Trust

And working with someone who:

  • Purified him/herself (who did enough inner work)

  • Is working directly with the Source (so they can help you to connect with your own Source)

  • Is able to show you your depths and shadows you can not see yourself and helps you to transform them. In other words, has the abilities you need for your transformation. 


Lifting the veil 

The process of awakening and transformation is actually a very practical thing. It has nothing to do with what people think spirituality is all about. You become more and more aware of how much of your life is actually run by imprints and programs and how much you live from your Source connection. It is a slow and very intense process with quite some detoxification and reflections in your daily life, but over time you will see your reality change and you will lead the life that you want.

You will naturally reconnect more and more with your own essence and feel that you want to contribute to the whole. 


For who would I advise a trajectory?

People who are ready to let go what is not serving them any more. At one point I asked myself the question: “Am I willing to die?” The answer was a full ‘Yes’. Ego death or the death of who we are not, in exchange for who we are. 

I noticed that living a half life was no option any more.

If you are ready to surrender and let go — which doesn’t actually mean your whole life will look different, but it will suit the real you much more for sure! — you are ready for a trajectory.

How long and what is the price?

Available Internationally, in person or online.

I offer 3, 6 or 12 month packages - connect with me to know more!

Each session sets a lot in motion and will be highly transformative. You need at least 2 weeks integration time between each encounter.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to connect.

I advise you to book a 20 minute session or a personal one-on-one first, to feel the intensity and flavor of my work.

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