My story

I always have been a gifted child. Seeing, feeling and knowing things others could not. It was very confusing having these gifts without understanding how to work with them properly. It brought me great experiences, healing and power. But also a lot of disembodiment and disillusion.

I have been working as a manager in the corporate business for 8 years. By then, it felt like I had to choose between my highly intuitive gifts and a career.

Although my career brought me 'fame' I didn't feel very famous inside and started, after leaving my partner 6 years ago, from scratch to build my dreams. There I was. A single mother of 2, jumping into the unknown.


Ever since my life has been a dedication to purify myself. And to learn how to use these gifts in a practical, embodied way. 

I knew everything was possible, but I also knew almost everything in my life had been (unconsciously) conditioned. There were many patterns so deeply rooted I was not aware of them at all.

Working with Dr Jacqueline Hobbs, and being reflected by life multiple times dealing with fears, money issues, insecurities, lack belief, dis-ease, I became the person I am now.

The deep emotions I experienced through my process make me able to hold space in a compassionate way for others, and to assist them in their purification journey. Empowering them, while they turn into the best version of themselves. 

Evi Maes - The Power of Feeling Deeply

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