In-person sessions

An in-person session gives you exactly what you need in that very moment to support you with whatever comes up in your life.

It is my intention to provide you with the support you need, without creating a dependency.

To make it clear: You are in charge of your own life. And I remember you how to embody that fullness in times of insecurity.


It is a reading, an activation that empowers you. It goes beyond the stories that most coaching sessions focus on, and gives you your own tools to work with to change your life. 

So what can I expect?

If you ask people how they experience an in person session, you will get all different answers. 

The truth is, I have no technique or knowing what will happen in advance at all.

Some people describe it as a transformative reading, some as a healing. Some say it brings them back in alignment with a deep trust in life, or awakens their potentiality. It really depends on what is most needed for you in that certain moment, to get you back on track in your life.


Every session is unique in it's kind

When the session starts, I tune in to you and we take a minute to bring you in the present moment.

With a few sentences I guide you, so you are relaxed and receptive. 

Then, the words come.

I can accurately see what plays in your life and where there is a need for change. 

I work with you on an emotional, mental and energetic level. My presence opens up parts of you that are ready to be seen and lights your inner fire. So you have what you need to continue on your path. 

During the last minutes, there is time for a question or a reflection if you feel like it. But most people actually have nothing to add.

In 20 minutes?


20 minutes is exactly the right amount of time for me to give you as much information as you need.

These sessions are not comparable with a coaching session. It is spot on from the first minute.

This means we don’t need time to talk much. And you don’t need to tell me anything about your personal life.


It is advisable that you are in a comfortable space during your session where you have the possibility to fully receive what is offered. 

Please calculate some time afterwards to integrate.

On the day itself, make sure you hydrate enough (drink 2l of water).

Evi Maes - The Power of Feeling Deeply

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