You are pure love

Beyond your patterns and personal issues, you are free.

I am here for you in your process of transformation.

Everything I offer is donation based.


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Personal Assistance

I am not a regular coach. My deep understanding of what happens when you shed your patterns make me an authority in this specific domain. 

Sometimes you need a helping hand, an objective view or comforting words to remember you are right on track. Each session empowers you to gain more trust in who you are and what you are here for. 

It is my intention to encourage you to find your own strength and to offer you a safe and structured environment to make this possible.

In-person sessions Belgium - close to Brussels & Leuven
Online wherever you are

As nature is evolving, so are we as a human race. Many of us are confronted with old imprints and patterns coming up, ready to be released, pushing us forward to live out of our own Source Connection. The frequency of the earth is going up, inviting us to look at what keeps us from living our highest potential.

This process of purification is amazing and exciting, but can be at the same time a confusing and intense journey.

I am here for you while you are reconfiguring on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. 

I offer private sessions, practical tools through online courses, webinars, inspiring articles and soon a podcast.

My whole work is donation based.


Online Academy

Inspiring Articles

Anna Verstreken, Therapist

“Thank you, Evi, for your total presence in what is. Your courage makes it easy to get to the core (of the issue) and to transform it. You accompany this process with immense love, compassion and deep acceptance, combined with great tenacity and precision. So much beauty in and around you, in which I see my own beauty mercilessly mirrored.”

Evi Maes - The Power of Feeling Deeply

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